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  Airport Information

Information Desk  

  There is an Information Desk providing information on the Airports' facilities and transport to and from the Airport. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any queries.
[Opening hours] 7:00 - 21:50
[Phone] 0957-52-5555
[Main duties]
- Providing information about the Airport facilities
- Lost property (within the Airport)
- Providing information to and from the Airport
- Tourist information
- Foreign exchange
- Please consult your airline company for departure/arrival times, ticketing, reservations, seat availability and lost property on board.

Location: 1st floor

Huis Ten Bosch Information Desk  

  [Opening hours] 8:30 - 18:30
Location: 1st floor


  Location: 1st floor

ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)  

Bank Opening hours
Shinwa Bank (Weekdays)
8:00 - 20:00
(Sat, Sun and public holidays)
8:00 - 19:00
Jyuhachi Bank (Weekdays)
8:00 - 20:00
(Sat, Sun and public holidays)
8:00 - 19:00
Seven Bank 6:00 - 22:00
Japan Post Bank
(Yucho Ginko)
8:00 - 20:00
(Sat, Sun and public holidays)
9:00 - 19:00

Business Lounge[Azalea]  

  This is a public lounge open for all passengers. Charged at 1,080yen for the first 2 hours. Holders of the credit cards listed below can use the facility free of charge for up to 2 hours.
[Opening hours] 6:45 - 20:40(Open all year round)
[Phone] 0957-52-8834
*Opening hours may vary due to flight schedule.
[Main facilities]
18 lounge seats
7 business desks
1 cellular phone booth
2 rest rooms/wash rooms (one each for men and women)
1. Passengers (chargeable)
2. Holders of the credit cards listed below can use the lounge for free for up to 2 hours.
JCB The Class Card
JCB Gold Card
JCB Nexus Card
JCB Business Card
  UC Gold Card
UC Young Gold Card
  DC Gold Card
DC Noblesse Card
DC Vanguard
  UFJ Gold Card
UFJ Premio Card
Young Gold Card
  Nicos Gold Card
Nicos Premio Card
MUFG   VISA   ???—?   ????—?   ??
American Express Card
MUFJ G Card Gold Prestige
MUFJ G Card Premio
  Platinum Card
Gold Card
  Diners Club Card   Life Gold Card   Rakuten Premium Card
* Please show your flight ticket.

[Basic Use Time]
3 hours from the entry time (charged by hour thereafter)

Basic Rate (up to 2 hours) Additional Rate (every 1 hour)
Adult 1,080yen(Inc. Tax) 540yen(Inc. Tax)
Child* 540yen(Inc. Tax) 270yen(Inc. Tax)
* between 4 years or older and 12 years or younger

[Available services]
(Included in the basic/additional rate)
- Soft drinks, Coffee, Tea, Juices
- Access to newspapers and magazines
- Use of business desks, power supply for laptop PC, Wi-Fi
- Photocopy, fax, cellular phone battery charge

Location: 2nd Floor

Smoking Room

  No smoking is allowed inside of Nagasaki Airport Passenger Terminal.
Please use a smoking room.
[Phone] 0957-52-5556

Location: 1st floor / 2nd Floor

Observation Desk  

  For send off and to see airplanes, feel free to enter the Observation Deck. There are grassed areas too. (No entry fee)
[Opening hours] 7:00 - 21:30

Location: 3rd Floor

Coin Locker  

  There are 'key-less' lock system coin lockers.
Type Fee Storage size (mm)
Width Depth Height
Small 300yen 355 645 316
Medium 400yen 355 645 550
Large 500yen 355 645 843
*Items can be stored for up to 3 days

Location: 1st floor

Foreign Exchange

  At the Information Desk located on the first floor, we offer foreign exchange.
[Opening hours] 7:00 - 21:45
[Phone] 0957-52-5555

Location: 1st floor (Information Desk)

Internet Room

  Internet corner is in two places (A total of five computers).
Please use them for your latency time at the airport or gathering information of trip.
[Phone] 0957-52-8834
[Internet Fees] 100yen / 10 minutes

Location: 1st floor / 2nd Floor


SUGOI SIM   "SUGOI SIM" are now available.
SUGOI SIM is a SIM card. It is possible to use immediately without contract, even people who come from overseas.

1.Payment shall be only by Japanese yen, credit card, ginren card, or by electronic money.
*payment in foreign currency is not available.
2.For the applicable SIM card, it is only "7 days".

*Other details, please refer to the following.

Store list: 1F Sky Shop


  Free Wi-Fi access is available within the building in the domestic line area.
[Phone] 0957-52-5557

Please note:
-Communication logs and MAC addresses are recorded in this service.
-This service may be used free of charge, but paid services on the Internet are the responsibility of the customer.
-There are cases in which this service may not be used due to incompatibility of equipment or system defects,etc.
-Do not use outlets in the Nagasaki Airport Building for power supply. If your equipment needs charging, please use one of the paid chargers etc., available in the building.
-Please carry out equipment set up and installation yourself.
-Security among users is secured by prohibiting communication between PCs connected wirelessly.
-We are not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from use of this service.
-Please observe the Act Concerning the Prohibition of Unauthorized Computer Access in your use of this service.
-When you connect, you will transfer to our designated address.


  There are 2 Wi-Fi spots.
[Phone] 0957-52-8834

2nd Floor Business Support Center
2nd Floor 'Azalea' Business Lounge

Please note:
- Anyone with PC or game consoles fitted with wireless device/card can use the service.
- Please install relevant software and configure the setting by yourselves.
- We regret that we are not responsible for any loss or damage due to the use of this service.

Business Support Center  

  We are open for your business needs.
[Opening hours] 7:30 - 19:40
[Phone] 0957-52-8834
[Available Service]
- 3 Coin operated internet machines (100yen/10 minutes)
- 3 PCs
- Cellular phone charger (chargeable)
* Wi-Fi is available in the Business Center.
- Coin operated photocopier
Black/White, all sizes 10yen
Color, A3 80yen, other sizes 50yen
- Coin operated fax
From 100yen (depending on the transmission time)

Location: 2nd Floor

Baby Care Center

  There are 3 baby change facilities at the Airport, 2 of which offer hot water for milk.
[Phone] 0957-52-5556

Location: 1st floor / 2nd Floor

Baby buggy rental service

  Please inquire at the information or the airline that you use.

Location: 1st floor(Airline Counter / Information Desk)

All Purpose-Rest Room

  The multipurpose restroom is accessible to wheelchair users, and also to the pregnant women, elderly people and a person with a small child.
[Phone] 0957-52-5556

Location: 1st floor / 2nd Floor / 3rd Floor

Install barrier free elevator

  The airport building is equipped with the barrier free elevators. And the textured paving blocks were also installed.
[Phone] 0957-52-5556

Location: 1st floor / 2nd Floor / 3rd Floor

Wheelchair rental service

  Please inquire at the information or the airline that you use.

Location: 1st floor(Airline Counter / Information Desk)

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